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Hi There,

As I said it earlier, I’m studying New Media Marketing at the ZSEM of Zagreb for 3 weeks. As part of this class I must write my experience when trying a new social network. As I already have a blog, a Facebook, Google+ and Twitter account (and many other « social tools » like del.icio.us, …) I had to choose something new.

And if there is one Social network that buzzes around for months now, it is Pinterest. So… Let’s Follow me on Pinterest!

Follow Me on Pinterest

But, wait… what is Pinterest and why choose this Social Network? I’ll try to answer that now.

What Is Pinterest? 

Basically, Pinterest comes from the fact that today, we, internet users, receive to much information (from newspapers, Social Networks, Youtube) and it’s hard finding the ones that are really interesting for you and you must read a bit of a title or description to understand what this is all about. The main goal of Pinterest is to manage these pieces of info by displaying them with IMAGES (which are much more easier/faster to analyze that text or audio) on « boards« .

Therefore, pieces of info are presented differently and with new ways of making a content interesting (image rather than text). Pinterest, as Twitter, is Public and all what you share can be seen by everyone.

But, if you’d like more info about what is Pinterest, I recommend these links (french and english)


How to use Pinterest?

Well, a lot of documentation has been made all around the web, and I’ll give some links but basically, here are the main how-to:

  • Post VISUAL content, easy to understand

Well, this is quite basic for a « photo-board » website, but it’s worth repeating it. You need to select and post only beautiful pictures (linking to your content) that are understandable in a blink of an eye.

  • Create your own Boards with very explicit titles
Before starting to post some pictures, create boards with titles very explicit about what you’re going to upload and share.
  • Start following people that you’re interested in (and not influencial pinners)
Go on some of the generic Boards and scroll through content. When you find something interesting, like, and then follow the author. Influencial pinners might post too much things for a beginner.
Go on and have fun !

More info in this video, or here, and here, ou ici


How Powerful is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a very young startup (it was created in 2010) but drives more than 15 million unique visitors each month and has more than 12 million users (which is a faster growth than facebook or Twitter). Again, an image is worth a thousand words, here is the main info on Pinterest:

Source: InternetMarketingInc.com

So let’s follow me on Pinterest and where ideas 🙂 !

Follow Me on Pinterest

Thanks !

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